First International Symposium

ICOMOS Nepal - in collaboration with ICORP and UNESCO Kathmandu, is organizing its first international symposium. Please click on the banner image to get the link for more information.


To serve the needs of the country in heritage related matters, ICOMOS Nepal undertakes advisory roles for any relevant and interested institutions and groups including UNESCO, Department of Archaeology, Municipalities, World Heritage Missions, community organizations and so on. Some of the specific advising tasks may include 'Heritage Impact Assessment', preparation of conservation and management frameworks for heritage sites, reviewing existing legal codes and regulations in designated heritage areas, evaluations of proposed or completed projects on heritage sites, advising government or non-governmental agencies on formulation of specific plans and policies on heritage related matters, and so on. As a professional society, ICOMOS Nepal ensures that its assigned team for any particular task report regularly to the executive committee and discuss professional and ethical issues collectively at the executive committee meetings as well as at the general assembly as appropriate. ICOMOS Nepal also acts as a forum to promote research, documentation, studies, planning and preservation of diverse heritage of Nepal. In this regard, it plans to organize workshops, seminars, international conferences, public awareness campaigns, collaborative field works, training as well as publications in various media. To undertake such events and activities, ICOMOS Nepal will also collaborate with local, national and international organizations, or assist them as necessary. COMING SOON: 1. Announcement about an international conference 2. Information about a ‘Heritage Impact Assessment’ at a world heritage site in Nepal.


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