First International Symposium

ICOMOS Nepal - in collaboration with ICORP and UNESCO Kathmandu, is organizing its first international symposium. Please click on the banner image to get the link for more information.


ICOMOS Nepal has three types of membership:
Full Membership:
A Nepali citizen over the age of 18 yrs., and having at least two years of experience in working in the field of heritage including studies/research, conservation and/or management may apply to be a full member of ICOMOS Nepal. Only full members have voting rights at the general assembly and can also run for office during the election of the executive committee.
Affiliate Membership:
Any individual or institution with an interest in heritage management may apply for Affiliate membership.

There are three types of Affiliate Membership:

A. Individual Professional Affiliates—for working professionals.

B. Student Affiliates—for students studying at least Bachelors level in a related field.

C. Institutional Affiliates—for institutions/organizations/businesses working in the field. Affiliate members do not have voting rights and may not run for the executive committee.

Process for Full and Affiliate Membership:
A properly filled out application form and appropriate fee along with supporting documents need to be submitted. The executive committee will make necessary decisions regarding such membership applications and will notify the applicant as appropriate.

Honorary Membership:

This is a special membership offered occasionally by the executive committee to distinguished personalities to honor their contribution to the profession/society. Honorary members do not have voting rights, and may attend general assembly as ‘invited guests’. Announcement regarding ‘call for applications’ for membership COMING SOON.


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