About Us

The Council on Monuments and Sites, Nepal; सम्पदा संरक्षण समाज नेपाल (herein ‘ICOMOS Nepal’) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered at the District Administration Office of Kathmandu district and the Social Welfare Council. It is also the National Committee of the “International Council on Monuments and Sites” (here in ‘ICOMOS’). In line with the work of ICOMOS to conserve the world’s monuments and sites, ICOMOS Nepal aims to further the conservation, protection, rehabilitation and enhancement of historical monuments, groups of buildings, sites and historic landscapes, including living traditions and traditional practices associated with built heritage. 

ICOMOS Nepal is a professional society for individuals and institutions involved in advocacy, study, teaching, research and practice of heritage conservation in Nepal. ICOMOS Nepal engages in educational, research, public advocacy and awareness raising campaigns, professional conferences, trainings, workshops and publications. It does not provide ‘for profit’ consulting or contracting services, however it may provide some consulting works to organizations/institutions if requested and as deemed appropriate by the executive committee. In doing so, it will not compete for professional works with other entities in business but the aim will be to ensure the quality of work, to advocate for genuine public interest, and to encourage professional ethics and standards of practice.

ICOMOS Nepal has three types of membership.

Full Membership
A Nepali citizen over the age of 18 years and having at least two years of experience in working in the field of heritage including studies/research, conservation and/or management may apply to be a full member of ICOMOS Nepal. Only full members have voting rights at the general assembly and can also run for office during the election of the executive committee.

Affiliate Membership
Any individual or institution with an interest in heritage management may apply for Affiliate Membership. There are three types of Affiliate Membership:

A. Individual Professional Affiliates for working professionals.
B. Student Affiliates for students studying at least Bachelors level in a related field.
C. Institutional Affiliates for institutions/organizations/businesses working in the field. Affiliate members do not have voting rights and may not run for the executive committee.

Process for Full and Affiliate Membership
A properly filled out application form and appropriate fee along with supporting documents needs to be submitted. The executive committee will make necessary decisions regarding such membership applications and will notify the applicant as appropriate.

Honorary Membership
This is a special membership offered occasionally by the executive committee to distinguished personalities to honor their contribution to the profession/society. Honorary members do not have voting rights, and may attend the general assembly as invited guests.