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Nepal’s 2016 International Symposium on Heritage and Tourism: Exploring Issues and Opportunities for Post-Disaster Rehabilitation is the first event that provides a platform to discuss key concerns of heritage and tourism in Nepal. The symposium is a unique opportunity to connect with over 100 leading professionals from both the heritage and tourism sectors who work in academia, government and the private sector around the globe.

The symposium aims to bring leading academics, researchers and research scholars, policy makers, practitioners and key stakeholders such as communities at both cultural and natural heritage sites, to exchange and share their experiences and research outcomes about heritage and tourism in the post-disaster context. It also aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum to present and discuss the most recent concerns, and to develop global partnerships and regional networks.

The focus of the symposium is to identify key challenges faced by both sectors at cultural and natural heritage sites, and help develop mechanisms for collaboration and joint decision making. In addition, the role of communities in conserving these sites and on how they can access benefits from tourism will be explored. The symposium has been designed to generate recommendations on a number of themes that will be of benefit in the rehabilitation process for both the heritage and tourism sectors.

The symposium will be organized by ICOMOS Nepal.